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Intervju med en tandsköterska från Finland

Jag och en tandsköterska från Finland har gjort ett intervju-utbyte, så här kommer hennes svar på frågorna vi ställde till varandra. Mina svar kommer på hennes Instagram, länk hittar ni längst ner i inlägget.

Olesia kommer från Ryssland, flyttat till Finland och lärt sig finska. Nu vill hon dessutom lära sig svenska, berättar hon för mig. Imponerande!


Intervjun är på engelska då hon inte talar svenska och jag inte finska. Vi har slagit ihop varandras frågor så att vi båda besvarar alla. Hoppas att detta kan vara intressant, det tycker jag åtminstone. 🙂

Olesia, tandsköterska i Finland svarar på frågor om yrket

1. How long does the study for a dental nurse take?
– The oral health care study lasts for one academic year and includes two blocks – clinical work and oral health care promotion.⠀

2. Do you need to have a junior nurse/practicing nurse education in order to be able to start study for a dental nurse?
– In Finland a dental nurse first is obliged to fulfil junior nurse studies, which lasts for 1-2 years, depending on the previous education.⠀These studies include internships in children’s daycare and elderly care.⠀Therefore, oral health care/dentistry is a specialization.⠀

3. What entering tests do you need to take for a dental nurse studying?
– Usually applicants need to take Maths and also an interview.⠀Immigrants have got an additional exam in the Finnish language.I took only Maths since I had a fresh result of YKI test – a language test, showing skills in Finnish.⠀When I was aiming at dentistry specialization I had one more interview and a test in fine motor skills.

4. What is an average salary?
– It depends on where you work (governmental or private clinic), city (some areas pay a bit more), your experience and skills.

An average salary in governmental sector is about 2100-2200 euros (brutto). Private sector pays more by an hourly rate, consequently, a paycheck is 100-200 euros higher.

5. Can a dental nurse work independently?
– A dental nurse can be in charge of children’s oral checkups, but a nurse has to take additional short-time courses.

Another option is that a dental nurse receives additional non-degree education in the X-ray field (then a nurse can make orthopantomogram) or in the orthodontics field (in this case a nurse can work independently doing certain tasks in orthodontists).

6. What advice would you give to a person who is thinking of becoming a dental nurse?
– I should say that study itself will require a lot of effort, but you do not need to worry much as things will get clearer when you start clinical work.

I also suppose that the main trait of character is being a good team player as nurses work with doctors.

7. What are normal work hours?
– Of course, working hours vary greatly. Governmental sector works primarily 7.30-16.00 on weekdays, there are often evening shifts as well.

Private sector works between 7.30-21.00.

Plus to that a dental nurse can work in a hospital. Them they can work 24/7 in the emergency.

8. Do you have a trade union, what is it?
– There is no special trade union for dental nurses. A union Stal ry provides mostly with professional information. Moreover, this union is a joint one for both dental assistants and teeth hygienists.

Super and Tehy are two trade unions for both practical and head nurses, no matter if they work in governmental or private sector.

9. (Question for Olesia only.) I have to clearify so I understand… From your Instagram I get the impression that you work in a hospital environment, or that the dental assistant/nurse job is connected to regular health center?
– I understand your confusion. Finland has got a unique system for junior nurse.

Oral health care is just a specialization. Basically, for example, in my diploma it is stated that I am a practical nurse with specialization in oral healthcare, which means I had to study for a junior nurse first.

Even having a specialization in oral health care, I can still work in elderly care as well. Of course, being a student, I worked in the beginning only in elderly care.

I was not really concentrating on writing posts in oral health care (on Instagram) since dental assistants are so few in number in comparison with junior nurses’ quantity. I will gradually write more posts on oral health care, studying for that specialization and looking for a job in the field.

Thank you, Olesia, for taking the initiative to this interview exchange! You can learn alot by looking outside your own little box (country). 🙂

Följ Olesia på Instagram @olesia_nurse !

Det är intressant hur tandvård och vård verkar vara mycket mer integrerade med varandra i Finland. Jag tänker att på så sätt skapar man en värdefull helhetsbild av hela människan och vårdbehovet. Jag hade velat veta mer om hur det fungerar i Finland med detta, om du som läser sitter på erfarenhet eller kunskap om tandvård och vård i Finland får du gärna lämna en kommentar!

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